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Interesting Story behind the Hammer of Thor – Norse Mythology P1

Hello BookBaks, I am Rochak and I am going to take you to the interesting world of Mythology and History.

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The Amazing Ragnarok trailers are here and Thor is back with his powerful hammer, only to be crushed into pieces by the mighty Hela.

How he gets it back?

I don’t know. But there are a couple of things that might happen.

To understand what might happen, you may need some context.

So, Keep Reading ?

Before delving into that, have you ever wondered –

How did Thor get the hammer in the first place?

Here is a popular myth about the Thor getting his hammer, straight from the Norse mythology.

Wait… Whaat?

Thor stories weren’t a marvel creation??

Mmmm… yes and No.

Yes, most part of Thor stories, with Avengers as shown in the comic series and movies, are definitely a Marval creation.

But the base character, his powers, Asgard, Odin etc. all have origins in the Norse Mythology.

In fact, Ragnarok itself is a war straight out of the popular legend.

If you didn’t know this, let me give you another shocker:

A lot of dramas you have watched – Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Mad Max etc. – have numerous references to people, places or objects from Norse Mythology. (More on that later)

Whoa! So Norse is something similar to Greek, Egyptian Mythology?

Yup. Except that it comes from the Scandinavian region – the areas of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Now let’s get back to the topic.

The Hammer of Thor – Mjölnir

? Typical tongue-twister, isn’t it?

As per Wikipedia

The name is derived from a Proto-Germanic form *meldunjaz, from the Germanic root of *malanan “to grind”, yielding an interpretation of “the grinder; crusher

Legend says it is so powerful that it can level the mountains in one blow.

Must be one of a kind!!

Well, not really.

Similar to the Mjolnir was the Ukonkirves, a hammer made of stone for the Finnish god of thunder, Ukko.

Another similarity was that Ukko created lightning with Ukonkirves.

So what’s the story behind The Hammer?

Once upon a time in the cavernous home of the dwarves, Loki met two craftsman brothers Sindri (also known as Eitri) and Brokkr.

He challenged them that they could not make anything better than the items created by the Sons of Ivaldi, who were a master craftsman.

Sons of Ivaldi had created

Draupnir– a gold ring possessed by the god Odin with the ability to multiply itself,

Gullinbursti– a boar with Gold Mane or Golden Bristles (basically a Boar with golden hair/fur)

Skíðblaðnir– The finest of ships which, when not required at the sea, could be folded like a cloth and put into pocket ?

Gungnir –the spear of Odin himself,

And golden hair for the goddess Sif (in some stories, she is the wife of Thor. AND SHE CAN LIFT THE HAMMER AS WELL!!)

Loki challenged that if Sindri and Brokkr could create anything better than these, he would give his head to them.

According to another version of the legend, loki challenged Son’s of Ivaldi themselves.

In any case, the two brothers took the wager and decided to create a unique piece of weapon – a weapon so mighty, that it could flatten the mountains with one blow.

A weapon that could generate thunderstorms with one swing. 

A weapon that could not be lifted by anyone but its owner.

A weapon so loyal, that it would always return to its owner.

Loki Being Loki

The dwarf brothers start working on the creation of the weapon, The Mjolnir.

Sindri puts a pigskin in the forge and asks Bokker to keep on working the bellows.

Loki being Loki, he comes disguised as a fly and tries to disturb poor Brokkr.

But Brokkr does not stop.

Loki tries harder. He starts biting him.

There were several critical ingredients required to create such a weapon. One of them was the Gold from the ring of Odin.

When Brokkr was about to add the gold, Loki bites him again.

…But all in vain.

Seeing an unflinching Brokkr, Loki bites him for the third time in the eye.

The bite was so harsh that Brokkr’s eye started to bleed and he was forced to stop working the bellow when Sindri had added the iron.

As a result, the handle of the hammer remained short (it is fairly long in the movie though).

It is said that this is why, in some versions of the mythology, Thor had to wear iron gauntlets, Járngreipr (gloves made of Iron), to handle it.

And the hammer thus formed, was presented to Thor.

So if Loki lost, how is he still alive?

Loki did manage to save his life by revisiting the clause that in order to take his head, they need to cut his neck but he insisted they had absolutely no right to take any part of his neck.

That it was not the part of the bet.


However, the two brothers were not that stupid either.

They claimed that even if the neck was not the part of the deal, they still owned his head.

And so, using Eitri’s awl, Brokkr sewed Loki’s lips shut.

Some dose of Karma for you Loki 😉


How will Thor get back his hammer???

We don’t know.

But it could happen that the movie makers introduce the dwarfs to recreate the hammer.


Wait for it…

Similar to one version of comics…

A New Bigger, Lethal Hammer is created ??

Ultimate Thor’s hammer, from Thors #4. Art by Chris Sprouse.


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See you again with the next post on Norse Mythology.

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